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Solar Towers

APT Solar Solutions is redefining the boundaries of solar energy with our pioneering three-dimensional (3D) solar module technology. Engineered to capture the sun’s rays from all directions, our unique vertical solar arrays ensure unparalleled efficiency in solar power generation, regardless of the space available.

The challenge of implementing traditional solar panels in urban environments is the requirement for cheap land, often in short supply within city confines. Our patented solution addresses this head-on, by enabling high-density solar electricity generation on small footprints. By optimizing for compact areas, we make sustainable energy a viable option for densely populated regions, extending the reach of solar power into previously untapped markets.

Flipping Solar Panels on their Head!

Customer Pilot Site - City of Southfield

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Beachhead Market – Outdoor Lighting

The first products to use the APT solar technology will be outdoor lights targeted for three large sub-segments: premium residential landscape lighting, off-grid farm lighting, and lighting for outdoor pathways, parks, and recreational areas.

Our lighting fixtures are more powerful and reliable than existing solar competitors and generate up to 1,200% more electricity than comparable commercially available solar lights. Fully independent of the electrical grid, these lights slash landscape lighting project costs by more than 80%, while maintaining reliable lighting performance.

Our 3D solar lights have different brightness settings, are equipped with a motion sensor and, when activated, provide up to 2,000 lumens of symmetric lighting and once fully charged, can operate for up to 3 weeks.

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Stunning integration into residential landscapes, offering homeowners a premium, cost-effective, reliable, and stylish outdoor illumination.

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Open Spaces

Powerful, bright, and reliable lighting for open spaces that enhance safety and access and with minimal land use or maintenance, perfect for pathways, parks, and public areas.

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Reliable, robust lighting which provides a low-cost solution that enhances safety and operational efficiency in off-grid, rural environments.

Our Vision: Beyond Lighting

Our journey is marked by innovation and growth. As the APT modular system gains traction in outdoor lighting markets, further growth will be fueled through expanding product partnerships in smart city infrastructure, from surveillance to telecommunications. Our proprietary 3D solar modules equipped with active solar tracking will further revolutionize distributed and utility-scale solar electricity markets.


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Outdoor Lighting

Market launch with 3d solar outdoor lighting products.

TAM: $6bn



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Smart Infrastructure

Emergency, surveillance, telecommunications, and more.

TAM: $32bn

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Distributed Solar

Large-scale solar electricity production, including EV charging and solar fences.

TAM: $39bn



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Solar Forest™

Utility-scale solar electricity generation to complement solar farms.

TAM: $61bn

Join Our Journey: Pre-Seed Funding Round

APT Solar Solutions is excited to announce our pre-seed funding round, aimed at finalizing our transformative product design and expanding our talented team.

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What Early Adopters Have to Say

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